Accounts Assistant

I’m an Accounts Assistant, a job that involves producing accounts, personal tax returns and VAT returns for clients. I particularly enjoy the elements of my job where I’m interacting with the clients, especially helping the sole traders and smaller businesses.

I’ve always been a numbers person, I suppose. Not everyone likes maths and physics, but they were my favourite subjects at school, along with psychology, so I think I’m in the right job! The characteristics I try to bring to the work are enthusiasm, diligence and conscientiousness.

What I like the best is if I’m able to show the client something they didn’t know before, so they come away from the interaction understanding something new about the strengths or weaknesses of their business, or how to tackle some accounting challenge more flexibly or efficiently.

What I’ve found is that, the longer you work with a client, the more they appreciate the less obvious ways in which you can help them, not just ticking the boxes and keeping them within the rules, but providing insights and enhancing understanding.

Outside of work, I enjoy weightlifting, cooking and reading, probably best that I don’t do them all at the same time!

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