Accounts Assistant

I’m an accounts assistant here at TN6, a job I enjoy for many reasons. You’ll generally find me preparing accounts, evaluating tax returns, VAT returns, and making sure the overall bookkeeping is tip-top.

Joining the company in November 2022, I knew I’d fit in here because there is a structured process to producing the accounts, and that’s how I like to do finance. Everything is meticulously done by the accounts team, and I knew this was a team which would complement my own talents.

I guess I’ve always loved numbers. Even if they might look uninspiring on paper to the uninitiated, I know, as an accounts agent, there’s a story behind every document.

That story also manifests in the clients I enjoy meeting, where I’m a port of call for any questions. It’s interesting meeting such a wide range of clientele and hearing about what they do on their side.

Small and medium-sized companies are particularly interesting to me because I see so much potential out there. With proper accounts support, those businesses can flourish, and I get a real sense of achievement in helping drive that success.

If I were to think of ways businesses and individuals have benefited from working with me, I guess I’d say they would benefit from my calm and collected demeanour. Clients like to deal with me because they understand that I am a safe pair of hands who gets things done efficiently and diligently.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy playing tennis, watching motor racing, and spending time with our dog.

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