Senior Accountant

I joined in October of 2022, with a job title of Senior Accountant. Prior to TN6, I’ve gained quite a lot of experience in the industry, working for firms including Simmons Gainsford and Baker Tilly (now RSM UK).

My work involves preparing and reviewing various accounts and submissions – limited company accounts, sole trader accounts, personal tax returns and VAT returns. If I had to sum up what I aim to be in one phrase, it would be problem-solver, and as a quality that I think defines me, calm under pressure leaps to mind.

I especially like working with owner-managed businesses, where you really feel a connection with the individuals and with the entire company’s outcome. I find it incredibly satisfying to see how we can make a tangible difference to clients. Examples would include making clients aware of the often quite significant yet potentially unobvious tax implications of a financial arrangement, or, for example, helping a family-business client arrange the salary and National Insurance arrangements of both husband and wife so as to use full personal allowances and gain the most long-term advantage from the system.

I think sometimes clients see us as on the side of HMRC. We have to complete everything honestly, but we work for you. Our job is to help you pay exactly what you owe under an optimal arrangement, and no more.

Outside of work, I like running, rock climbing and cycling.

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